Are you still wasting time on implementing authentication and payment?

Use pre-built Nuxt authentication flows and Stripe integration from SaaStarter and provide value instantly.

Only 3 clicks to download your Nuxt template.

14-day money-back guarantee.

Check out the demo to see what the template provides.

Auth module

Combined with Firebase, SaaStarter Auth provides pre-built pages for Login, Signup, Password reset, and much more.

All pages are easily customizable with your design.

Check out the demo and sign up, change password, verify your email.

reset password
stripe demo

Stripe module

Create and manage subscriptions. Let users manage their credit cards and access invoices.

Complete billing solution with Stripe Checkout and Customer Portal.

Sign up for the demo and subscribe and manage.

Save 2 weeks implementing authentication and payments.

Starter template

Both modules are combined in a Nuxt starter template that makes it easy to provide business value with your next SaaS instantly.

With the template comes extensive documentation for development.

Check out the documentation to see how easy it is to set up.

Visual studio code

Step by step documentation to get started with the template

The documentation shows you how to install, develop, and deploy the template step by step.

Customize the design easily

The authentication pages can be customized easily by styling the given components with CSS.

Support & Updates

Get support and updates as long as your subscription is valid. Either through the community board or the contact form, we will help you.

Why SaaStarter?

Have you ever spent weeks implementing basic use cases like Signup / Reset Password / Email verification before you could provide value for your customers?

This is the reason I created SaaStarter. SaaStarter provides the basic functionality every SaaS needs to get started. You just grab the template, connect it to Firebase and Stripe and you are ready to go.

After having created several SaaS including authentication and payment from scratch, I was sick and tired of those days working on the same thing again and again. So I decided to create one customizable template for everybody.

As an entrepreneur, you should spend your time bringing value to your customers.


Yearly subscription

Get updates continuously.

$59 $139
Billed yearly
Update & support
Starter template
All functionality
Perpetual license
Unlimited projects

Lifetime deal one-time payment

Pay once, get updates forever.

Billed once
Update & support for a lifetime
Starter template
All functionality
Perpetual license
Unlimited projects

All licenses are perpetual. If you don't renew your subscription you may continue to use SaaStarter in your product, but will receive no further updates or support.

Use SaaStarter in unlimited projects where you participate in.

Payments are safely processed by Gumroad Inc.


What's in the package?

The package contains the SaaStarter Nuxt template that already integrates the Auth and Stripe module. To make the template work, connect it to a Firebase and Stripe project. See the Getting Started section in the documentation.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription you may continue to use your current version of SaaStarter for life, but will receive no further updates or support after the yearly term has ended.

Is Firebase required?

Yes, SaaStarter and their components are built upon Firebase and it is required. Nevertheless, you are not forced to write your backend with Firebase. See the documentation for more information.

How much does Firebase cost?

Firebase provides an extensive free tier. Authentication is free without limits. The Stripe module, which uses Firebase Functions, is free for up to 2 million invocations per month. Therefore, you face no costs with 100'000 users assuming 20 invocations/month per user.

TLDR; Firebase is basically free for < 100'000 users.

How do I receive updates?

The functionality of SaaStarter is located in npm packages. You just update your package.json and your template is ready to go.

How do I contact support?

Either use the contact form or post your question in the community.

I would like to get an invoice.

You'll find a link to generate an invoice in the purchase confirmation email. Have a look at the Gumroad FAQ to get more information.